It's April... we'll leave it at that.

Alex's trip in October taught us that we don't want to be apart like that. Ever. Again. Plus, I just refuse to be left behind on any more foreign excursions.
Thanks Skype, for getting me through :)

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving with the Mortensen's, and spent Chrismas with the Harris's. We saw DAvid Archuletta in a Christmas Concert with MoTab, and it was fabulous.

Alex got broken into our Christmas story & candle lighting tradition... with help from Caleb, the shepherd boy :)
We made an awesome gingerbread house, reminiscent of Peach's Castle...

I love the footed pajamas Alex gave me, and it's fun to punish him for being mean by putting them on :)

With the XBox being our latest family addition, we play Halo 3:Reach in our freetime(yes, we do). But I've realized I'm never going to be considered "good", so it kind of sucks some of the fun out of it. My gamertag is BabySow... add it now. :)

Alex and I jumped into another semester of school after Christmas, and our class/work schedule has been absolutely insane. We both took on 18 credit hours. Alex has had a lot of exciting things going on, and has been interviewing for different accounting internships someday in the future. It amazes me how great he is with people, and I'm excited to see where his ambitions will take us.

I don't know how to catch up on everything that's happened. It was exciting to head down to Spanish Fork this last week to see Shanna's new baby, we just adore all of our nieces and nephews. Welcome Claire, sweet baby girl!

Alex turned 24 in February! He got a pet fish we named Jerry, who passed into the great fishbowl in the sky just 2 weeks later. We just aren't ready for that kind of responsibility I guess! He's loving being able to remind me that he is 2 years older than me now... even though I turn 23 in May. I guess he can have his fun for now...

I did the math, and between my classes and practicum (where I student teach in an elementary school), I spend 38 hrs a week sitting in class alone, factor in homework, work with the refugees, photo sessions, husband and family time... it's insane!! This semester helped put a lot in perspective for me. This will be my last semester of school (for now). I'm finding time here and there for my photography work and I just love every bit of it!

Alex has been learning to make various Thai dishes, and his Nam Tok is definitely my favorite. Looking forward to summer when mangoes are back in season for sticky rice! And my dear friend Jocie taught me how to make Creme Brulee, so I am pretty much set for life.

We're heading off to Thailand in May!! Right after our anniversary. I just can't wait, it's hard to stay focused with something so exciting so close. I've never been abroad, apart from the border of Mexico. We will venture into northern hill tribes and southern beach areas of Thailand, and also spend a week exploring the ancient ruins in Cambodia. With Alex's scholar program and my practicums, this school year has been so intense. This will be a much needed vacation! Don't worry, I will ride plenty of elephants.

Thanks for reading, hopefully I can do better documenting our various adventures!

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