I've really slacked on this blog. Never fear! I am posting for the second time this year... ahem.

So here we are, in Fall again. Well sort of. If you call 80 degrees Fall. I suspect we are getting screwed out of lovely Autumn again this year, where Summer heat turns straight into Winter's blizzarding death. I have to say I am anxious for sweaters & scarves and cute boots weather!

(obviously Kelli is writing this :)

Alex is busy in school this semester, working part-time with the refugees, and helping train someone to take over his position come January. He got a job offer in London (Hurray!) which we regretfully turned down (boo.) but think that the Salt Lake office will be a better fit for the type of Accounting he wants to do. Plus, we are more likely to return there after he finishes his Masters program.

Can I just tell you I'm THRILLED to spend a few months in SL? Logan, I love you, but I'm boredwitchu. But as far as housing, who knows where we are going to live- suggestions welcome.

I am NOT in school this semester, though it's hard to admit I miss that structured schedule in my day. I have had many a craft adventures and cooking attempts. But whenever I cook something, Alex comes home and makes it better. So I'm kind of resigned to relinquishing my title of homemaker supreme, and being merely the cook's helper. (HA). I've been doing more photo sessions, which is just fine by me, I'm officially business-licensed, so pretty much- it's legit. ( I'm hoping to get in a few more sessions before the snow forces me inside for the next six months. Bleh. I've also been working with the School District the past year as the 'Refugee Liaison', which keeps me pretty busy at the beginning and ending of semesters, and with home-visits and ESL tutoring in between.

Baby Sow is now a General Grade 2 on Halo Reach. Just Sayin.

We've spent tons of time at the Star Valley Cabin this year, as opposed to other years where our visit were far and few between. Apart from the Harris Stomach Flu Epidemic of 2 weeks ago, I would say our visits have been fabulous. Alex has been teaching me to golf. Sometimes I am slightly competitive, and other times it's like I've never held a club before. Hopeful I can get more consistent! It's nice because generally no one is around, so I don't have an audience. :)

(Hike to Periodic Springs)
um THAILAND and CAMBODIA were amazing. But, that's another post. Stay tuned for photos. They are EPIC, and there are so many that it has been daunting to sort through them all. But, I will soon, promise. Sawateekahhhh!

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