Fresh Chicken??

On Sunday Sa Jan & Hay Dar Yar's family had us over for dinner. They are too sweet, and even though we tell them not to give us anything, they always insist. Like this red top she gave me, that came all the way from Thailand. Or the nasty 24-pack of bean noodle ramen that has been sitting in our kitchen for the past two months. The refugees are all so generous and we love them like family. The food is really scary though... you never know what you're gonna get. For instance this dish served to us to the left is chicken:
And then we see these LIVE chickens in the china cabinet:
"We had six yesterday, and now only two...." So yes, scary food. Haha, but fresh I guess!

School has pretty much swallowed Alex up, and work has done me in. We've been like living zombies the past few weeks, getting through everything we need to do, but we love every second we get to spend together.

Two hours until the Huntsman Scholar Banquet.

Two days until Alex boards a plane to Europe.

Three and half weeks until he comes home.


But, life is still good :]

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