Well. Alex says it feels like it should be the end of September by now... that's how busy we've been. Alex's Huntsman Business Scholarship program means school M/W/F 9-3, but that doesn't account for meetings he usually has until 5 or so. The first day of school he was informed they would be learning French 5 hours a week, so there goes Tuesday & Thursday. Don't mind the 200 pages of technical reading they assign everyday, or the 3 papers due each class period... add in the hours of work he tries to fit inbetween... we don't get a lot of time together right now :(

I really enjoy my classes, with several friends that make physics particularly more enjoyable. In my elementary music class we are actually learning to play (or re-play) recorders. I am pretty sure that I am the worst in the class. Today she made a generalized comment about how to prevent whistling... which I know was directed at me. I fail. Not to mention we have to sing solos/perform daily. Loving it.... pause.... not. But all my ESL classes are fantastic and I'm learning tons!

Labor day weekend was fun, with a Mortensen family shindig, featuring flying grasshoppers, and the Harris get together in Spanish Fork. We definitely got our family fix in. The tri-tip was a-mazing. Clark is quite the cook. And baby Soel is getting so big I can't believe it. I just want to freeze all my nieces and nephews in their cuteness. I don't know what I'm going to do when Traci takes all four of hers away to Dallas soon.

Hunger Games!! I finished the series. But I won't say anything to spoil it. I actually now have that sort of depressed, need more of the story feeling that comes with ending a book you really enjoy. But I'm delving back into Harry Potter, number four now, so all is well.

Alex is getting ready for the big Lotoja race this weekend. I'm very impressed, but can't say I wish I was doing it. It will be fun to cheer from the sidelines and be the official family team photographer :) (Brent, David and Melissa are also on board). I'm looking forward to a weekend at the cabin in any case. Things around here are too hectic. Going to school while being married is a lot harder than working was all summer. But it definitely is better in any case to come home to one another at the end of the day, no matter how late it is. La Dolce Vita.