Island park

Alex & I spent the last weekend up Island Park area (St. Anthony's) for a McClellan family reunion. It was really fun to see relatives that don't live nearby, and the little ones who grow up so fast. We had a great time playing CRUD (Alex showed no mercy to his new relatives), sleeping on a flat airmattress, and floating down a river towards a thunderstorm. That was the best part, with my niece shrieking the entire time, and two babies sitting on laps. What were we thinking. The power went out in a storm one night, and my dad entertained everyone with his infamous lighthouse/cats horror story.

What wasn't fun, was when we were all loading up tubes for the river, my little 2 yr old nephew Caleb wandered off and was missing for a good twenty minutes. With large canoeing ponds on the sides of the lodge, it was the most sickening feeling to scout out the edges and reeds calling his name. In the end, Shanna found her little boy had climbed into a relative's van, just ready and waiting to go. Can't tell you how happy our tears were! Still have a tight stomach thinking about it.

I also went with Sarah and my parents to check out BYU-I (can't believe she's already looking at schools!) and was impressed. I had a negative perception just because its Idaho, and freezing up there, but it was a cute little campus.

We are back into cramming hours for work so we can take another few days off for the star valley cabin with the Mortensen's this week. We have been so busy the past few months! Even at home, Alex has taken up Mario Sunshine with a passion. And yes, yesterday when he conquered a difficult level, my front tooth got chipped in the excitement. I'm busy reading away the harry potter series in anticipation of the new movie. Can't believe school will be back in full swing in just a few weeks. October is coming too soon.

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