Backpacking into White Pine

Alex and I had a spontaneous overnight backpacking adventure into beautiful White Pine Lake over the 4th of July weekend. I haven't had such an adventure since my fourth year of girls camp. It was really hot out, but we got lucky with a breeze that made the 8 miles more bearable (roundtrip) it really went by fast considering. We crashed for a few hours after landing (I am a little out of shape) and then scaled the lake perimeter. It was kind of cold, there was still snow in some areas and alex made snowballs. And there were these really cool bright green plants all over the lake that reminded my of Alice in Wonderland. I had my first freeze-dried meal, and the lasagna was pretty good. Alex says everything tastes better in the mountains. Let me tell ya, Ritz crackers never tasted so good as when we first got to our campsite. I learned how to purify water, and felt pretty legit with my new pocket knife. The lake was absolutely gorgeous, and Alex successfully started a one-match fire (applause) :) And for once in the outdoors, I wasn't worried about getting eaten by bears. And there were some nice old fishermen nearby just in case.

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  1. LOVE the new layout! looks like fun, makes me want to go camping now! lunch soon?! call me!
    xoxo, jamie