Spring Cleaning & Other News..

Love sleeping in til noon. But only because I've been waking up at 7 a.m. for the last four weeks. Alex & I tackled the house. Weeding/watering/cleaning/decorating. We got a new scentsy candle warmer and our house smells divine & the vacuum lines are wonderful. Hahaha, it's weird, but we both love it. There is just something about a pristine living space that makes you feel so productive and good.

Last night was an adventure as well. We went mountain biking on the river trail up Logan Canyon, my first mt. biking excursion. I absolutely died on the way up, while Alex took it like a pro. But I LOVED the downhill. Then we had a bbq at the Mortensen home, and Alex & I braved climbing the roof. We had an amazing few of the fireworks from the stadium across the valley. It was very romantic, and well worth getting frozen in fear climbing on and off the roof :) We made sticky rice & mangoes for the family, but we suspect no one quite appreciates it like we do. It WAS delicious.

Next adventure: camping/backpacking trip to White Pine Lake. Can't wait! Alex is sure breaking me into getting in touch with my "nature" side. I'm getting more granola by the second. :D

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  1. I saw you guys up at White Pine Lake! I hope you guys had a good time!