These are a few of my favorite things...

Alex and I made a trip down last weekend to Spanish Fork to visit the Harris's. We finally got to meet baby Soel! She is so so tiny and sweet, and I probably gave Niss an anxiety attack as I tried everything to get her to open her eyes. But she did, and she is absolutely angelic. I cant wait to get some little photos of her.

Shanna hosted a cousin dinner while we were down, and it was fun to get together and have Alex meet some new relatives. We made sticky rice and mangoes for everyone (big hit-i'm telling ya) And Shanna and Clark made home-made pizza for everyone. Like six different kinds (basil/tomato, pistachio, etc.. SO GOOD.) We are just waiting for them to open their restaurant. Seriously, to die for. They get really creative with gourmet ingredients.

On our way back to Logan, we stopped at the U of U hospital to visit Uncle Bruce. He had a bad accident falling fifteen feet from a moving hay-bale truck on the dry farm while we were on our backpacking trip. It's absolutely heartbreaking, and he is the greatest. We are praying for a speedy recovery, it was hard but so good to see him.

Last night we got to see London perform as Gretel in The Sound of Music opera. She was so darling, and even though we knew she was exhausted, she enchanted the audience :) And Alex actually enjoyed it as much as I did (he usually gets dragged along to these things with me).

We tried out Kamin's lunch buffet today-- superb. We worry about them getting enough business. Help support local businesses! They are our favorite... thai food YUM. Ask for the Pork Waterfall (trust me). Alex ventured on a thirty mile bike ride with david & his dad. I... slept. I went to girls camp a few nights ago and didn't get in till after 1 a.m... with work at 8. It was definitely fun though to spend some time with the girls. We still feel some long-term effects from mono around here... going to be a movie night.

Next week: Ingrid Michaelson/Keane concert in Las Vegas! Can't wait!


  1. We love reading your blog!! Have fun in Vegas and be safe. We love you guys!!

  2. Sounds like you two are staying busy and having the time of your lives! :) I too love reading your blog!! and i love your header ;) hehe