Final Countdown

*Play Gob's music theme from Arrested Develpoment*

what we've been doing...

speaking in church... alex actually repeated over the pulpit that i told him i had butterflies. but not just any butterflies, butterflies with fangs. thanks, sweetie. it was special sitting together though, and a lot less nerve racking than usual.

moving in... our painting and flooring projects are all done and i'm hussling to get out of one place into our new one by thurs!

work... we got a few new refugee families in, and got to register them together for school. it's so fun to work together with these wonderful people. i even dragged alex along to kindergarten club with me last week. we got cookies and capri suns. score.

birthdays... we celebrated great aunt phyllis's 95 birthday. and get this, she got her license renewed until 2015! watch out haha

finals... poor alex is sick AGAIN, this happened to him last finals. hopefully he can make it through. tomorrow will be brutal- he has 3 back-to-back. i've only got three total, but i'm studying away...

wedding...! well, almost... ten days! :)

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