Time to play catch up- we've been married over a week! We are loving every second of it.

The actual day itself was kind of a happy blur. The night before, our immediate families got together for a nice dinner at Hamilton's hosted by the Mortensen parents. It was absolutely delicious, and we got to view our wedding video. It was fun watching all the nieces and nephews making friends, and having our families there with us all together. There were toasts, and funny stories, and it was a happy way to spend the night.
On the big day, Alex and the boys went golfing, while the Harris's bustled around with wedding details. He enjoyed stepping away to take a breath, and I enjoyed being in the center of the plans. Everything came together, and we had a surprisingly sunny warm afternoon that turned into rain and storm clouds right as we were to be married. I didn't feel nervous until about 5 minutes before we started and then as soon as I saw Alex, it all went away. Those few minutes exchanging our vows were so moving for me. Our guests were troopers in the bad weather, and we finished up just in time. We served yummy coldstone ice-cream and had a fabulously colorful candy bar, credit to my mom and the very talented sister, Shanna Kesler. We didn't sample very much of it, but it was a very pretty display. My feet hurt so bad from standing in the receiving line that I tossed my shoes off for a bit... but when I noticed the glances guests were making at my bright pink toes, I was a little embarrassed. Alex swept me across the dance floor to our song "Can't Help Falling in Love" and it still feels like we're dancing on cloud nine.

We honeymooned in Jackson Hole. We had planned to stay at the family cabin in Star Valley, but we had an interesting experience with an attempted break-in on our first night, and had to find a hotel in town at midnight. That was quite the adventure. We spent the next few days enjoyed the shops and restaurants in Jackson, and I got to eat at Alex's favorite Merry Piglet's (or piggle wiggles as I call it). Iron Man 2 and Robin Hood were both disappointments, but we came home and spent the rest of the time here relaxing and watching movies and it has been wonderful. We are still recovering from the semester, finals, wedding, etc. so we definitely appreciate the down time. Getting moved in and decorating has been a little too much fun! (I think Alex enjoys it as much or more than I do). Now it's back to work this week, which is exciting because we miss our families. We had eight of the refugee families come to our reception, and that made our night. Such a happy time :)

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  1. next thing you know it will be 6 months later :)

    That is so exciting, congratulations again!