Alex & I had our first bridal shower last night (yes, Alex came :) We had a little debate over who the gifts belonged to, and I tried to remind him it wasn't a groomal shower haha but he was very cute. It was hosted by some very sweet ladies in Margaret's ward. Tons of women I don't know, but that watched Alex grow up or have some kind of connection to his family. The food was fantastic (cake, custard and berries) and we got spoiled rotten. It was so fun to hear some congratulations and open cards, and hear funny stories about Alex growing up. It just made us anxious for the big day! I'm excited to go to Ogden this weekend for a shower with my family, and then to get to know Alex's family better on Saturday. Plans are slowly but surely wrapping up, just a few details here and there.... We also picked out new tiling for the kitchen floor yesterday (exciting!) poor Alex has slaved away removing the old flooring, and we're so excited to finish up and start getting things moved in.


  1. Hi! i just added you to my blog :) we are caitlyn.jimyl@blogspot CONGRATULATIONS, this is so happy!

  2. Kelli, you should put your cousin Steve Paxton's photography blog up here...?

    I do enjoy reading your inputs...Luv dad

  3. thanks jimyl, i will stock you guys now! :) & dad, what is your blog address? it wont let me view it, and i don't know steve's either.