A Winter Picnic

This past weekend Alex & I got to take some time off and head to the Star Valley Cabin with his family. It was a nice escape from all the business that is consuming us with work and school and planning. We watched Sherlock Holmes (bit of a disappointment) and 10,000 BC (much better), but the big event was the twenty-ish mile bike ride alongside the Tetons. The best kept secret is the road that is closed during winter opens up for the month of April exclusively to bikers/hikers. The views were beautiful and we picnicked by a frozen lake. The tranquility was angelic. Luckily it was a warmer day, and only my fingers went numb! Alex is convinced I need my own road bike now... but he definitely is too pro to keep up with.

Now it's back to real life and the home make-over project :)

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