We went down south over Easter weekend. Friday night we got to go to one of Alex's mission reunions, eat thai food, dominate mario kart with an old companion and his lady friend, and make our selves sick on greasy burgers and too-chocolatey milkshakes. It was a good night. Then we spent Saturday down in Spanish Fork with the Harris's, and got to watch Sarah compete in an invitational track meet. We watched the conference sessions, and the girls dyed Easter eggs with the kids while the boys went to priesthood.

Alex modeling his special fat sow egg that I made him:

On sunday we got to visit some good friends in Salt Lake. They are so kind and generous, we just wanted to drop off some Easter goodies, and couldn't leave without a full meal including delicious spicy papaya salad that put our mouths on fire. Kral Shal learned his ABC's and sang every one to me, and I'm sad that they moved from Logan and I don't get to have him in our program here. Excited to meet their new little one coming in June!
Then we ran up to conference, and traffic was a nightmare, and the parking garage was even worse. But it was my first time actually attending conference and it was a beautiful day, and there's no one else I'd rather have spent it with :)

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