So I've spent the last hour that I should have spent in my science class creating this blog. I guess I just want to be apart of that "cool" married community who move from facebook to blogs for real updates/interactions. I'm so nerdy and excited, so expect great things... or expect nothing at all.

Things we've been up to...
Getting married comes with tons more planning than I could have ever anticipated. The past six weeks have been a blur, and its amazing that in almost that much time we will be married!
Home Improvements
We found a place to live! A little fourplex on the south side of town conveniently owned by alex's dad. We've decided to take on a home makeoever project, and are busy painting, installing blinds, installing linoleum, picking out furniture, etc. It's so fun to turn on the music and get our hands dirty painting our first home together :) But it IS a huge project and I think alex definitely pulls most of the weight!
Oh, the question everyone has. I was baptized into the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on March 20 in Spanish Fork, and re-established my initial baptism date of June 6, 1996. What a journey it's been for me. Sometimes what you are looking for your whole life is right in front of you the whole time. I'm grateful to be exactly where I am, to have been where I've been, and to have learned what I've learned. Alex's family made the trip down and a few close friends and it could not have been a happier day.

word of the day
glee |glē|noun1 great delight : his face lit up with impish glee.2 a song for men's voices in three or more parts, usually unaccompanied, of a type popular esp. c. 1750–1830.
ORIGIN Old English glēo [entertainment, music, fun,] of Germanic origin. Sense 2 dates from the mid 17th cent.

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  1. I like it...KALEX.....makes me smile and laugh. Glad you now have a blog...check out ours

  2. cute blog post! you are already better than you think! can't wait to keep updated on your blog and stalk your life once you move out ;)